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Providing a Ministry Service, by informing those who may be unaware of the glorious earthly life and eternal life God's Word can provide.

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This helps get the Ministry Message seen more than if just placed on only one website, without the use of redirect gateways.

Learn It

Obey It

Be Saved By It

A simple but powerful Ministry Message.

God's Word is His instruction book for a godly life. Today, so many are under the influence of Satan; living a sinful lifestyle. They are unable to break away from their path to spiritual destruction; and most are unaware they are doing wrong.

They are blinded to The Truth, as worldly influences pull them ever deeper to a Hellbound abyss.... as Satan laughs!


Read a Bible, God's Word.

Enter His World and Be Saved.

Ministry Phone: 719-822-1God (719-822-1463)

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Where Sin Began

Where Sin Can End

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